May 2018 - Wine Country Inn

Castello Di Amorosa Winery

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Amid Napa Valley’s picturesque scenery lie architectural gems that are sure to delight those with a keen eye for structure and design. From the quaint to the grand, Napa Valley is lined with both innovative historic and modern properties. We’ve put together a self-guided day tour that will take you around the valley to pay homage to Napa Valley’s architectural past.


St Helena to Santa Rosa (video)

View from St Helena Rd

View from the mountains above St Helena

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With so much natural beauty, it’s no surprise Napa Valley welcomes nearly 3 million visitors each year. Hit the road for an easy, inexpensive way to see the picture-perfect vistas of Napa Valley, all from your car window. Take in the fresh valley air and incredible panoramic views of rolling hills and endless vineyards along these scenic byways. Here are Napa Valley’s best scenic drives.