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Wine Country Inn Saint Helena, California
Wine Country Inn Saint Helena, California
Wine Country Inn Saint Helena, California
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Adventures In Napa Valley, California

Seven Of the Top Activities in the Napa Valley

A visit to the Napa Valley can be as simple as finding a great hotel (Wine Country Inn) and a close-by restaurant (Brasswood Estate) and then allowing the sunny days and deep wines to melt away life’s problems. After a few days of recuperation, it is time to stretch out and begin to explore the wonders of the Napa Valley. The first time visitor to the valley may initially see just the big tasting rooms and hills of grapes, but the experienced visitor understands that behind the surface of Napa is an entire world to explore. The Napa Valley holds a fascinating history of exploration, wine, food, architecture and a fascinating story of historic characters.

Beautiful Winters In The Napa Valley

The Napa Valley has a reputation for being the perfect summer destination with warm evenings, outdoor dining, and fantastic bottles of wine served under a romantic summer sky. As much as summer pulls on the heart, the experienced visitor to the Napa Valley knows that mid-winter temperatures are mild, the weather is often dry and sunny, and the days can be shockingly clear. In mid-winter the roads are rarely crowded, tasting rooms are not busy, and an array of restaurants are anxious to book your reservation.

Miravalle at Spring Mountain Vineyard

Located slightly to the west of Saint Helena, the Spring Mountain Appellation rises up from the valley floor to about 2,600 feet. The appellation contains a wild diversity of elevations, sun exposure, and soil which contributes to its reputation as the source of consistent, powerful, and distinctive red wines. Spring Mountain Vineyard is an 845 acre estate on the eastern slopes and lower half of Spring Mountain.

TripAdvisor – The Wine Lovers Guide to Vineyard Hotels

Aerial View Of Wine Country Inn With Vineyards And Mountains

The following blog appeared in TripAdvisor’s “The Wine Lovers Guide to Vineyard Hotels

There’s something romantic and special about wine country, and every wine region has its own flair – from Napa’s Mediterranean vibe to chateaus in France and fairy tale castles in Germany. While you can always make a day of wine tasting, there’s nothing like immersing yourself in all that wine country has to offer. Take a break from the tourist hubs of the cities and sleep under the stars and among the vines in some of the world’s top wine destinations. Plus, the longer you stay, the more wine you can enjoy! Here are some great lodging options for a full wine country vacation.

Educating the Senses About the Complexity of Wine

For the lucky few who live in the Napa Valley, the experience of tasting wine and discussing its properties is simply a part of every day. For the first time visitors to the valley, the experience of wine tasting can be rather daunting, as the number of tasting options is overwhelming and the variety of flavors and smells is impossible to track. Often the expert pouring wine refers to the wine having hints of chocolate, berries, fruits, spices or other exotic qualities. Your first response may be to dismiss this descriptive language as just part of the presentation and not a well-developed part of the wine industry. However, it is important to open the sense of smell and taste to a complex range of expressions in the different varieties of wine.

5 of the Most Amazing Wineries in Napa Valley

There are some truly stunning landscapes in Napa Valley, and many of them are centered around wineries. The wineries vary from amazing Tuscan castles to simple Victorian homes set in idyllic gardens. For our winery review we selected five wineries within an 8 mile radius from Wine Country Inn.

Discover Pride Mountain Vineyards – Saint Helena, California

Pride Mountain Vineyards is located on the crest of the Mayacamas Mountain Range at an elevation of 2,100 feet. Pride Mountain is recognized for its big red wines and produces a large spectrum of wines ranging from Cabernet Sauvignon to Sangiovese.

A days adventure to Pride Mountain Vineyards starts on a little country road that winds up out of St. Helena all the way to the top of the ridge. From the parking lot at the vineyards, you get a sense that you are on top of the world. To the north the majestic Mount St. Helena rises up to 4,341 feet and to the south Hood Mountain tops the Mayacamas mountains. Far away to the west are the busy streets of Santa Rosa.

2019 Spring Blooms in the Napa Valley

2019 was an extraordinary year for rainfall in Northern California. Local residents became casual with the term “atmospheric rivers” as they watched the sky simply open up like a river. The rivers and streams filled with the precious rainwater and the fields and vineyards absorbed every drop they could hold. Now as spring warmth fills the valley the trees and plants are showering visitors with a stunning show of color.