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Aerial View Of Wine Country Inn With Vineyards And Mountains

The following blog appeared in TripAdvisor’s “The Wine Lovers Guide to Vineyard Hotels

There’s something romantic and special about wine country, and every wine region has its own flair – from Napa’s Mediterranean vibe to chateaus in France and fairy tale castles in Germany. While you can always make a day of wine tasting, there’s nothing like immersing yourself in all that wine country has to offer. Take a break from the tourist hubs of the cities and sleep under the stars and among the vines in some of the world’s top wine destinations. Plus, the longer you stay, the more wine you can enjoy! Here are some great lodging options for a full wine country vacation.


For many people the thought of sitting through another meeting is enough to force the invention of some very creative excuses. At Wine Country Inn we have an option for small meetings of twelve participants or less…. our new “Blending Center”. Here you can have the sunlight and fresh air pouring in from the vineyards below. Perhaps, you want to sit with your back in the warm sunlight. The Blending Room has the core communication equipment like conference call phone and large video monitor.