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There’s no question that in the Napa Valley, it’s all about the grapes. While the region has long established itself as a cultural attraction, most visitors come to St. Helena and Napa Valley for the wine.

World-famous for its oaky chardonnays, fruity merlots, and rich cabernet sauvignons, the areas surrounding the towns of St. Helena, Napa, Calistoga, and Yountville are overflowing with good wine. That said, the Wine Country Inn and Cottages staff will arrange visits to local wineries, wine tours and rides on the Napa Valley Wine Train, which are most popular — and most recommended — attractions in the region.

Wine tasting in the Napa Valley

Napa Valley is filled with over 500 amazing wineries, vineyards and producers. From small labels to world-famous names, many of the region’s best winemakers are located right in St. Helena, conveniently near the Wine Country Inn and Cottages. While some wineries require reservations, others do not. Please feel free to ask the hotel staff at time of booking, or upon arrival, for wineries that might be enjoyed based on personal tastes and preferences. The guest service staff will help personalize a tailored wine experience, so please contact the Wine Country Inn and Cottages Napa Valley staff as early as possible to secure more popular winery reservations, or to hear about favorite recommendations.