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Discovering Brasswood Estate

If you could fly up and over the Napa Valley, you would see a small area just north of St. Helena where the lush vineyards line the edges of the Napa River. This heart of the Napa Valley is home to a few fortunate vineyards, hotels, and restaurants. Perhaps it is the peace of the countryside that draws visitors to this area, but there are also gems of culture and culinary opportunities hidden among the vines. Guests of Wine Country Inn have access to an astounding array of food, wines, shopping, and events just two minutes from the hotel at Brasswood Estate.

It is difficult to describe Brasswood as it is an elegant complex of wine tasting rooms, event venues, restaurants, bakery, courtyards, bottle shop, and winery. Our favorite part of Brasswood is the relaxed atmosphere and soothing courtyard to sit in and enjoy a bottle of wine or a picnic from the Brasswood Bakery.

Come to Wine Country Inn and enjoy an exquisite side of the Napa Valley at Brasswood Estate.