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Educating the Senses About the Complexity of Wine

For the lucky few who live in the Napa Valley, the experience of tasting wine and discussing its properties is simply a part of every day. For the first time visitors to the valley, the experience of wine tasting can be rather daunting, as the number of tasting options is overwhelming and the variety of flavors and smells is impossible to track. Often the expert pouring wine refers to the wine having hints of chocolate, berries, fruits, spices or other exotic qualities. Your first response may be to dismiss this descriptive language as just part of the presentation and not a well-developed part of the wine industry. However, it is important to open the sense of smell and taste to a complex range of expressions in the different varieties of wine.

The team at Brasswood Estate has created an entire room dedicated to educating the senses about the complexity of wine. This is the amazing sensory room where you can taste wine and educate your palate and nose about the different flavors and aromas that make up wine. Start with a Cabernet Sauvignon and smell the coffee, cinnamon, raspberry, and red rose. You will never taste or smell wine again with the same reference, as this experience starts to open the perceptions to a new way of looking at food and wine.

When you visit Brasswood stay with us at Wine Country Inn and experience a new sense of rest and comfort.