Napa Valley Dining At Brasswood Bar, Kitchen And Bakery

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Napa Valley Dining At Brasswood Bar + Bakery + Kitchen

The Napa Valley is renowned as being a perfect destination for a holiday filled with expansive views of vineyard-covered hillsides, luxurious hotels, and a food and wine movement that has inspired visitors from all over the world. The visitor to the Napa Valley is often overwhelmed with the selection of the perfect romantic hotel combined with vineyards and restaurants that are close by and easy to access. For our friends seeking this perfect combination, we recommend Wine Country Inn with its stunning views combined with Brasswood Estate’s vineyards and restaurant.

The Brasswood tasting room and restaurant are located two minutes from the Inn. At Brasswood you can enjoy a simple lunch from the Bakery or a delicious culinary experience at the Bar + Kitchen. If you are searching for the perfect food and wine pairing the staff at Brasswood can recommend beautiful pairings of wines for dishes on the menu. For those seeking a slightly more adventuresome experience, we recommend a private pairing that combines a tour of the winery and a unique selection of food and wines.