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The Story of Chateau Chevalier at Spring Mountain Vineyards

The history of the Napa Valley is complex and intertwined with farmers, vignerons, and at times the lives and stories of the wealthy. It is easy to imagine the area surrounding Saint Helena as the definition of a perfect Eden, with springs bubbling out of the ground and an ideal pattern of seasons for agriculture. Add to this picture its proximity to the culture of San Francisco. Throughout the eighteen hundreds and early nineteen hundreds, this perfect corner of heaven attracted the wealth of San Francisco and on the Napa hillsides they built mansions, vineyards, and wineries.

The story of Chateau Chevalier starts in 1884 when Fortune Chevalier purchased the Spring Mountain property and over the next 50 years saw the rise and fall of great success and bitter tragedies. From 1940 through 1993 the property exchanged owners a number of times until Spring Mountain Vineyards purchased the property in 1993.

Our video examines the period between 1884 and 1936 and how the team at Spring Mountain has begun to piece together the buildings and old photos into a complex story. So as you sit back and enjoy an estate grown and produced Cabernet Sauvignon think about the history that is flowing from the ground through the roots of the vineyards and once again liberating the history of Spring Mountain.