Your Comfort and Care During COVID-19

The Wine Country Inn has been providing safe and comfortable care for guests throughout 2020 and will continue to do so in 2021. Social distancing comes naturally at the Wine Country Inn, as do calm and relaxing attitudes, and beautiful views of the Napa Valley Cascades. However, rest assured that your safety and our sensitivity to your health concerns remain our highest priority.

Offering hospitality in the current ‘COVID-19’ environment has meant that the more things change, the more they stay the same. For us, personal touch hospitality has now gone touchless! Even with a pivot to some new physical postures (sorry, no hugs for guests!), the smiles and helpful manners of our guest services associates are still in place to provide guests with every opportunity to fulfill their expectations for a great visit to the Napa Valley.


What is the same and what is different?

Napa Valley hospitality is still the same.  The restaurants and wineries are available to share their culinary delights and vintage specialties. The format has been adjusted, and large groups have given way to smaller parties for wining and dining. There have also been some restrictions on indoor activities, but who wouldn’t enjoy sipping Cabernet on a winery’s deck overlooking the Napa Valley?

There is still a complimentary breakfast for each guest at the Wine Country Inn. Although there are restrictions on gathering in an indoor shared dining space, guests can enjoy breakfast every morning, delivered right to their room. It is a Wine Country Breakfast with different daily offerings, so guests can still expect to be delighted with quiche, waffles, cereal, and muffins, as well as good Napa Valley ground coffee and fresh juices.

Work-cation, Play-cation, Vacation…

Some visitors have also decoded the message that it can be wonderful to work and play away from home sometimes. At the Wine Country Inn, guests have figured out the perfect life balance: Zoom meetings in the morning, a hearty fine dining lunch, and then an afternoon agenda of wine tasting. A week in Wine Country sure beats sitting in a city basement office.  You can work and recharge all in the same day with a Wine Country Inn stay.


Everyone must wear a mask – Guests and Guest Servicers. A simple deterrent to a virus is deflection via a simple mask on one’s face. If everybody does it, then everybody is safe. That is probably the only and biggest new rule at the Wine Country Inn for guests and staff, as no one wants to become infected.

Keeping it Clean and Safe…

Likewise, guest services staff have become experts in keeping everything clean and disinfected. Hand sanitizer bottles are provided to each guest at check-in.  Special training has insured that health and safety are first priorities. There are hand sanitizing locations in public areas. Restrooms are cleaned hourly. Room cleaners are using new technology with non-toxic sprays that cleanse the air of every guest room during every cleaning service. And the guest room air that one breathes come through a heating and cooling system that is unique to each guest room. The air in your room is your own.

Of course, the Wine Country Inn has no elevators, and most rooms have direct access without going through the lobby. Again, social distancing is achieved naturally, throughout the several acres of gardens on the hotel’s campus. There is a full-size swimming pool and an always bubbly hot tub for even further relaxation. The pool furniture and general area are refreshed regularly, so everybody can stay safe.

COVID-19 operations need not be covert. At the Wine Country Inn, safety and personal care behaviors are a visible forethought. Guests know that they can relax and refresh (and maybe enjoy a little romance), while being assured that the hotel’s environment is a health-giving priority for all guest service staff.